A Layer 1 real estate focused blockchain
bringing DeFi to real assets and a
new bread of NFT's that will match the
complexities of real asset ownership.

Our layer 1 will be backed by real world assets like real estate. Our
primary focus has been to utilize real estate equity for liquidity in DeFi
for AMM's, lending, borrowing, and proof of reserves.
The best part of this is rewarding our backers with % returns=$$$.

To learn more about our project go to our

If you own a home or any other type of property and have equity, please consider
signing up for our waitlist to one day safely digitally farm your wealth.

Feel free to pen us a letter, about anything. Interested in getting
involved? We are looking for incredible talent, as you know, code is law.
Do not hesitate to inquire within. Also follow us on Twitter.